Douglas County, OR Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Douglas County, OR

Applegate Family Cemetery
Archambeaux Family Cemetery
Bland Mountain Cemetery
Boggess Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Bryant Cemetery
Burnett Cemetery
Canyonville Cemetery
Champaigne Family Cemetery
Civil Bend Cemetery
Cleveland Cemetery
Coffee Creek Cemetery
Coles Valley Cemetery
Colvin Cemetery
Comstock Cemetery
Cox Cemetery
Day Cemetery
Dimmick Cemetery
Douglas County Cemetery
Drain Cemetery
Drain IOOF Cemetery
Eden Cemetery
Elkton Cemetery
Ensley Cemetery
Fair Oaks Cemetery
Gardiner Cemetery
Glendale Masonic Cemetery
Gunter Cemetery
Harris Family Cemetery
Harvey Cemetery
Henderer Cemetery
Hurst Family Cemetery
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemeteries
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery
Indian Burial Ground
Jones Family Cemetery
Kellogg Cemetery
La Brie Family Cemeteries
Lavadoure Cemetery
Letitia Cemetery
Livingston Cemetery
Lookingglass Cemetery
Lower Smith River Cemetery
Martindale Cemetery
Masonic Cemetery
McCulloch Cemetery
McGuire Cemetery
Melrose Cemetery
Metz Hill Cemetery
Murray Cemetery
Myrtle Creek IOOF Cemetery
Myrtle Creek Pioneer Cemetery
Noah Cemetery
Oak Creek Cemetery
Oakland Cemetery
Otey Cemetery
Patterson Cemetery
Pioneer Cemetery
Putnam Cemetery
Quines Creek Cemetery
Rainville Cemetery
Reason-Reed Cemetery
Riddle Cemetery
Rondeau Cemetery
Roseburg Catholic Cemetery
Roseburg IOOF Cemetery
Roseburg Masonic Cemetery
Roseburg National Cemetery
Scottsburg Cemetery
Sutherlin Cemetery
Tenmile Cemetery
Thrush Cemetery
Tyee View Cemetery
Wells Cemetery
Wilbur Cemetery
William D Bradley Cemetery
Willis Creek Cemetery
Wimberly Family Cemetery
Yoncalla Cemetery