Putnam County, NY Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Putnam County, NY

Bailey Cemetery
Ballard Ground Cemetery
Beverly Hills Cemetery
Cold Spring Cemetery
Crane Cemetery
Drewsclift Cemetery
Ellis Cemetery
Free Grave Cemetery
Gilead Cemetery
Graymoor Society of the Atonement Cemetery
Hills Cemetery
Kelly Cemetery
Kent Cliffs Baptist Church Burying Ground
Kent-Fishkill Baptist Church Cemetery
King David Cemetery
Lawson Cemetery
Ludingtonville Baptist Church Cemetery
Mahopac Falls Baptist Churchyard
Maple Avenue Cemetery
Methodist Graveyard
Milltown Cemetery
Nelsonville Cemetery
North Highland Cemetery
Old Baptist Burying Ground
Old Cold Spring Cemetery
Patterson Baptist Church Cemetery
Presbyterian Cemetery
Raymond Hill Cemetery
Russell Mead Cemetery
Smalley Burying Ground
Tompkins Corners Cemetery
Union Cemetery
Union Valley Cemetery